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Accent Series

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Other nice things:

  • Special, ultra-bonded nonstick; as tough as it gets!
  • Nonstick smooth as silk to make any cleanup a breeze
  • No PFOA, no other toxic, unspeakable things
  • Drip-free rim for super smooth pouring
  • Oh-so grabbable handles, made with science

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Quality Product!

I was expecting a good pan but it exceeded my expectations. From the quality to the thoughtful details like the high walls. Was initially scared to put it in the oven it it worked beautifully! Love everything about it and get that universal lid! Can’t wait for more products from this company. Will be recommending this to my friends and family for sure.

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Size Guide: Accent Series Chef’s Pan and Large Lid

Item Chef's Pan
Surface Nonstick
Fits 6 bowls of curry
Perfect for Stir-frying, deep-frying, and braising
Diameter / Volume 26cm / 4.3L
Length 51cm
Height 9.8cm
Weight 1.3kg